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How I crafted closed face paper lotus flowers for Kenzoki Press kits

Hey it’s been a while since I last wrote something about making paper flowers. Today I’ll share with you how I created closed face lotus flowers for Kenzoki Press Kits when they were launching their new skin care products in Singapore.

I started with an image that was given to me and that made things easier as I just needed to put my flower making skills to good use.

On contemplating for ideas for the centre, I thought of using styrofoam balls. I used 3 cm balls and covered the top of each with duplex crepe paper circles. I then created various templates for the petals. I’m sharing some images here.

Using pan pastels for giving different shades gave the lotus flowers a gorgeous look. I slowly added surrounding petals by cutting and sculpting each petal. It took a long time to make each paper lotus but the end result was rewarding.

To have sturdy and thick stalks, I added silicone tubes around the floral wire and used a hot glue gun to attach each centre to the floral wire and the silicone tube. I then covered the tube with green floral tape.

The biggest challenge was that I had to complete 67 paper lotus flowers in a very small time frame. So there definitely were a few late night workings on this project. However it was well appreciated and I also had few requests for workshops for my paper lotus flower :)

This is how the lotus flowers looked upon completion. Try making them and you will enjoy creating your very own paper lotus flowers.

Enjoy the video and hope to see you soon with our next floral ideas.

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