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Top Secret 1-How to make easy realistic paper flowers

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We all want to create a special personalized gift for our loved ones on their Special Day be it wedding, anniversary, birthday or even baby shower. What better things can we think of than flowers! But flowers are not selected randomly and over years they have developed meanings. The colors of flowers also have meaning and speak a language that is their own with scientific and traditional interpretations.


In today's post, let's see what the jasmine flower stands for and how to create them with the right quality of paper. Often symbolizing love, beauty or sensuality, the tiny white blooms also stand for purity. Best part is that they are easy to make, look amazing and go well with other flowers in the bouquet.

There is a wide variety of paper available for making flowers like the cardstock, Italian crepe paper, extra fine crepe paper, duplex crepe paper and many others. Different types of paper have their own unique qualities and I use them for different flowers. Some flowers are bold and beautiful while others are delicate. Some have a fragile appearance. I choose my paper depending on the look and feel that I intend to give to my flowers.

The Italian crepe paper has lines that are visible in the crafted flowers. The petals of giant flowers hold well in Italian crepe and they are available in amazing colors and different weightages ranging from 40gsm to 180gsm. I often use Italian crepe for giant flowers, which we will talk about later in our upcoming posts.

I prefer duplex crepe for the jasmine flowers. The snowy white flowers have a delicate fragile appearance and are easy to create with doublette paper, also known as duplex crepe paper. This paper is sturdy, firm and without texture. Let's see how you can create your very own bunch of jasmine.

All you need is white doublette crepe, any type of light and dark green crepe (here I have used light green Italian crepe and dark green duplex crepe) floral wire 22 or 24 gauge wire is good for assembling the petals while you need 18 gauge wire for the sturdy stems on which you will be attaching the flowers. You will also need floral tape to cover the stems.

Paper flower making is all about passion, patience, perseverance and practice. If you follow the 4 Ps you can learn to make beautiful flowers of your own and create lovely paper bouquets and flower arrangements that will be well appreciated. Watch how the jasmine I crafted go so well with other flowers in bouquets on my website

If you have any questions do send us an email at and we shall be glad to respond and share our knowledge of the handcrafted paper blooms in Singapore.

The Art of making paper jasmine flowers!
Crafting jasmine flowers from crepe paper!

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