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How to make Giant Paper Sakura Flowers

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Paper art has been my favorite activity and what better thing can you ask for when you are fortunate enough to work in a field that you are passionate about. Paper floristry is what I am talking about. To be honest, I am a fan of realistic paper flower bouquets but I did enjoy making these giant stylized paper sakura flowers.

Well, I have been crafting giant paper flowers in Singapore for wedding décor since past few years. I have used crepe paper for most of my earlier projects, but in my latest project, I used card stock paper to create my giant Sakura flowers. The challenge was to create sturdy giant flowers which could be hung from the ceiling and should also be light in weight. Also since they were to be made all white, the design had to be appealing on the first sight. Here’s how I crafted the giant sakura flowers.

Firstly, to make the design robust, I used 400 gsm white card stock to have a firm base so that the petals do not bend downwards upon hanging. This paper being quite thick, the petals had to be cut individually and not by stacking of paper. So definitely it was a time consuming process. However I always listen to some nice music while crafting and this form of paper craft is a very good stress reliever. For the inner petals, I used 240 gsm paper to make the flowers light in weight. I used 9 cm Styrofoam balls for the center to give it a pearly look. While the design is simple, I found the overall look to be elegant.

While I am looking forward to seeing my creations installed, here is a glimpse of the giant paper sakura flowers that I have handcrafted from white card stock. I believe that the 4 Ps that I mentioned in my earlier blog has surely paid results. If you have any further questions, do email us at

The flowers will cover the entire ceiling and while I wait for the installation to be complete, here’s a sneak peek of the entire collection. To see more such creations do stay tuned!

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Giant Sakura Flowers

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