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Paradise Charm

Paradise Charm

$74.50 Regular Price
$64.50Sale Price
Small things create a huge impact on  happiness, positivity and good luck and there is nothing better than to express it through beautiful flowers. What more do you need when these flowers do not wilt and stay fresh for a long long time!
Each flower and leaf in this floral decor is handcrafted from high quality paper. 

Lisianthus expresses appreciation and long lasting bonds. Rose depicts charm and thoughtfulness. Jasmine stands for purity, appreciation and innocence.
A beautiful way to express your feelings on an anniversary, birthday or even when you just want to say “thank you for always being there for me.”

We can customise this decor in your favourite flowers and colours and also deliver it at your doorstep.
Friendship begins here as we are always Connecting_Hearts!
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