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Orchid Paradise

Orchid Paradise

$110.90 Regular Price
$89.90Sale Price

This artwork is sold out. We need at least a week to recreate them. 

Orchid Paradise comprises of beautifully handcrafted paper orchids, mini paper roses and pressed and painted ferns in a 21X30 cm shadow box frame. Covered masterpiece can stay for ever.


Each orchid and it's leaves are handmade from paper, sculpted and glued together to give it an awesome look. Pan pastels are used to decorate and colour the petals.


We need a week's time to customise and create the shadow box of your choice with your preferred coloured orchids.


Gift them to a special family to decorate their wall or WOW your own guests by sprucing your living room wall. It can stand on a coffee table too!

Yes, it can be gift wrapped and delivered with a personalised  note!


email us  --- for enquiries

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