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Hydrangeas from crepe paper

Hydrangeas from crepe paper

$240.00 Regular Price
$188.00Sale Price

White hydrangeas symbolise purity, grace and abundance. This makes them perfect for a  new baby gift, wedding decor or  a bridal bouquet. 
These flowers make the bouquet look super luxurious.


Pink hydrangeas represent love and sincere emotions.

Purple hydrangeas signify wealth, royalty and abundance.

Green hydrangeas represent good fortune, good health, youthfulness and prosperity.


Hydrangeas are also given on the 4th wedding anniversary to represent appreciation! 

These intricately handcrafted hydrangeas are created from high quality Italian crepe paper to give it this gorgeous look. Each bunch consists of 50 small florets. So this entire bouquet is made of more than 150 florets.


Above bouquet was specially customised for a client  and has been sold out but we can recreate a similar one in your favourite colours with a lead time of one week.


Email to decrease or increase the number of bunches and share your favourite colours. Single stalk  is 80 dollars each however a set of three carriers a discount!


Show your love and appreciation to someone special with flowers that stay!

We are Connecting_Hearts!


  • Care Instructions

    Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

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