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Amazing Large Paper Peonies

Amazing Large Paper Peonies


ON SALE for a limited period!

Peonies represent wealth and honour and embody romance and prosperity as a symbol of good fortune.


Allow us to design a large paper flower decor for your party and you will never regret! Capture amazing memories with our freestanding giant paper flowers and WOW your guests.


These hot pink eco friendly and sustainable peonies are handcrafted from crepe paper. Normally used as photo shoot props or for an event decor, but you can spice up your office space or shop space too!


These enchanting peonies come with a stand and leaves. However we can customise them to be hung on a wall or from the ceiling and also in your favourite colours.


Challenge us to create your favourite design with different materials like fabric, foam or card stock and email us at or WhatsApp 96706717 to get an estimate or quote.


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