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Gazania Glamour

Gazania Glamour


This shadow box frame has been sold out. However we can recreate a similar one on a week's notice.


This shadow box frame features palm leaf, thuja also known as vidya leaf and the gorgeous gazanias, daisies and double click cosmos. Palm leaves represent victory and success and can be used for formal occasions and informal occasions. It is a great decoration in bouquets and arrangements. Morpankhi, or thuja is an ornamental plant and it is believed to spread happiness. It is an evergreen decorative plant. I have dry pressed both types of leaves and painted them rose gold to preserve them for a long time.

Realistic paper Gazania flowers, also known as treasure flowers are named after the Greek scholar Theodorus Gaza. These flowers symbolise wealth and richness. See how well these gel together to form this elegant shadow box frame.

All flowers and the green leaves are handmade from paper. Definitely a unique gift for someone special. We create combinations of different paper flowers in shadow box frames so drop us an email "" in case you are looking for a personalised gift for someone special.

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