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Fall Paradise

Fall Paradise

$240.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price

Fall Paradise is a beautiful bouquet of 12 handcrafted  paper roses. Each petal of the coral and vanilla roses, is created from two layers of extra fine crepe paper that are put together using double sided adhesive iron on fusible web. This makes the petals sturdy and more sustainable at the same time adding to its beauty.

Only one of its kind, this is a unique gift for someone who appreciates handmade flowers. This gorgeous bouquet is around 30 centimetres in diameter and has handcrafted paper leaves too. Coral and vanilla roses can bring smiles to the special person in your life.


We customise roses to match your personal style. Spreading joy and Connecting_Hearts is what we are aiming for.


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  • Care Instructions

    Avoid direct sunlight 

    No misting or watering 

    Use a soft brush similar to that used for computer keyboard to clean the dust 

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