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This is our story.

Well, all this started six months before my daughter’s wedding. Like many brides, she envisioned a beautiful, unique wedding with handmade wedding decor. Who best to lovingly craft the details of her wedding, than her mother? It would provide a very personal touch and a truly memorable wedding for the young couple and their guests, and let’s not forget the stunning photographs!

After conducting a lot of research, she came across the idea of using crepe paper flowers for wedding decorations – these flowers would never wither and stay with her forever, reminding her of her mother’s love and bring back fond memories of the wedding celebrations. I used to love art and craft of various kinds when I was young, but once my two kids came along, and until they grew up, my hands were kept busy doing many other things.

As my daughter’s wedding drew closer, I spent a lot of time researching the type of paper, kind of blooms, and colors that complement each other. I fell in love with the process of hand-crafting each flower, and learnt how to make different types of flowers. I even learnt about flowers I had never seen or heard of before! I started spending hours, days and months making bouquets, wedding backdrops and wedding props. It was a huge success. Guests loved every bit of it.

When I saw at my daughter’s wedding that these flowers and decorations were such a big hit, I knew that there would be many others who’d want to add that extra special touch to their wedding too, or just brighten up someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary or even just any other day to express their love!


My kids are helping me set this up, and we’re very excited to share with you the beautiful collection that we have, ready to warm someone’s heart and make a new home! If you’d like to add an extra-special charm with hand-made, large scale decor to a wedding, anniversary party, birthday party or any other special occasion, or if you’d simply like me to create a customized design based on what you have in mind, please leave me a message through the Contact page, or email me. I’ll work hard to create breathtaking blossoms for the big day or event that you are planning, and assure you that your guests will be wow-ed!

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